“Female athletes, in my experience, regardless of their athletic prowess and other strengths, frequently come to me with less confidence than you’d expect, less than their male counterparts. A program like Mindset Sports that imbues them with that strength of mind, confidence in their abilities, and their power to affect their circumstances is invaluable. I wish I could hire a full-time staff member to attend to just those needs of my athletes. Having coached Pam for four years at the elite collegiate level, where she was part of four consecutive National Championships, I feel uniquely qualified to say that she is the perfect person to take on this work. From the time she arrived as a walk-on at the University of North Carolina to the time she was elected captain by her teammates and after, Pam demonstrated strength of character and mental toughness that my staff, her teammates and I found inspirational. She has a gift for motivating others, for helping them discover their own strengths, and for driving them to wring every last ounce of performance out of their abilities." Anson Dorrance, Head Coach, University of North Carolina Women's Soccer 22 National Championships

Why Mindset Sports?

Mindset Sports was developed to fill a glaring void in the athletic development of elite female performers. Mindset is something that needs to be trained as a habitual process with all athletes. It is especially important to start with young players so that it becomes second nature and natural as the athlete grows and evolves. The development and maintenance of the mindset is an extensive process that requires a multitude of underlying mechanisms that operate collectively in the elite performer. These psychological attributes facilitate to life outside of sport, thus developing mindset is a vital life skill.


"Since Corrie has joined our coaching staff at La Costa Canyon High School, we have seen an immediate and positive impact on the culture of our program from the Freshman team all the way up to the Varsity. We are fortunate to draw from a very high volume of talented players, but this creates a very competitive and sometimes stressful environment for the players who are in constant competition for playing time and starting roles. It's a fine line between creating an environment where the players understand the level of intensity required for them to be successful and achieve their own personal goals, while also understanding the need to look the bigger picture and support their teammates so that we can achieve the goals we set as a group. Corrie has a unique talent for teaching players to "buy in" to the team vision, and "buy in" to the role they play in helping us see that vision through." - Natalie Eckerlin, La Costa Canyon Girls Head Soccer Coach, LAGSD Club Manager

Corrie Samaniego


Pamela Kalinoski


Our Story

Pamela and Corrie met while coaching soccer at the club level and quickly discovered they had taken similar paths. Both played college soccer, both have psychology backgrounds, and each has endured athletic injuries. Collectively, they have coached collegiate, high school, and youth club soccer. As they began sharing ideas and experiences about playing and coaching, they realized they both felt something was missing in the world of the female athlete. Being keen observers, they saw a conspicuous need for whole mind-body training. Many conversations later, driven by shared core beliefs and a sincere desire to change the way female athletes are trained mentally for life on and off the field, Mindset Sports was conceived in the summer of 2016. Corrie and Pamela are excited to bring their passion and knowledge to an enterprise that for them seems like the natural progression from player to coach to life mentor.

As with everything Pamela and Corrie undertake, they approach Mindset Sports with hard work, giving spirits and a strong sense of themselves; helping female athletes and making a difference in their lives is ingrained in each of them. Relationship is at the core of what they do. They want to be that extra push at the end of the game. They want to be the mentors who are not just there for the games but for other life challenges as well.

Through wins, losses, coaching changes, injuries, and other life obstacles, Corrie and Pamela have experienced it. They have walked in female athletes’ shoes and want to help others develop tools to navigate the athletic journey on the field and off the field. They know the enormous role mental toughness plays in sports and in life. That's why they say CHANGE YOUR MIND, CHANGE YOUR GAME!


We pledge our best effort to help you be your best. We strive to share the passion of our focus, which is to guide athletes to grow mentally, endure physically and reach their goals successfully on and off the field through a strong, positive mindset.

We want to forever change how athletes, coaches, parents and teams approach training. Mindset is everything! We know from experience that gratification comes from unlocking potential, not just in technical skill but in the acquired skill of a strong mindset.

We want to steamroll those internal doubts and distractions that keep athletes from realizing the peak of their abilities. We are Mindset Sports.


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